Jelena Karleuša | JK 2016

Serbische Pop-Queen

Jelena Karleuša | JK 2016 - Serbische Pop-Queen

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Welcome to the English fan site of the serbian Pop Diva Jelena Karleuša.

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Jelena Karleuša [feat. Teca] | KRIMI RAD | OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO


Jelena Karleuša (Serbian: Јелена Карлеуша, born on August 17, 1978 in Belgrade) is one of the most famous Serbian pop singers. Her music, is united in elements of R&B, dance and house with Serbian elements.

The career of Jelena Karleuša (en: Karleusha)

Already with 16 years Jelena recorded her first album called „Ogledalce“ (Mirror) for the very well-known record company discos in Serbia. The first album was very successful, her manager at that time was Zoran Basanović. Jelena’s second album named „Zenite se Momci“ (Married you guys!) Already this album was sold more than 100,000 times and Jelena has successfully established herself in Serbian’s music scene.

In 1997 Jelena published her third album named „Vestice vile“ (Witches & Elves) where her mother Divna had participated. The album was edited by the record label ZAM. With Jelena’s fourth album „zovem se Jelena“ (My name is Jelena) Jelena finally become a star in Serbia. The fourth album by JK broke all records in Serbia and sold more than 250,000 times. In the beginning of the new millennium (2000) JK changed her image and music direction completely and released their fifth album with the name „Gili Gili“ for the Serbian label „Grand Produkcija„.

In early 2001 Jelena published her album „Za svoje godine“ (for my years). Also this new album was very successful like previous albums. It follows in the same year the signing of a contract with the Greek record company Heaven. In 2002 Jelena brings out her album „Samo za tvoje oci“ (Only for your eyes) under Greek production. In 2004 Jelena took part in the Beovizija festival (Serbian preliminary decision to participate in the ESC), but Jelena could’t score with the selected song.

In 2005, Jelena brought her eighth album under the name „Magija“ (Magic) out in cooperation with the Serbian label BK SOUND and Atelje support. Some successful hits like „Slatka Mala“ (Sweet little) and „Upravo Ostavjlena“ originate this album. JK is known for her extravagant music videos. For example, the music video of the song „Upravo Ostavljena“ started into the Serbian media a controversy and has been intense debated, because Jelena Karleusha was shown at a cross like Jesus.

After a three year break, JK published in 2008 her single „Casino„, which preceded the ninth album „Revoulution“. In summer 2012, Jelena published her 10th album under the name Diva. The tenth album of JK „Diva“ was the biggest selling album in Serbia in 2012.

Some private things about Jelena Karleuša

In 2005, Jelena married Bojan Karić, the marriage was divorced after four months. Jelena Karleusa found her personal happiness with the football player Duško Tošić. They both married in summer 2008 and have two daughters.

Discography of Jelena

Jelena Karleuša – Tihi Ubica HD (official video)

JK albums
1994 Ogledalce (discos)
1996 Zenite se Momci (PGP RTS)
1997 Vestice, vile (ZAM)
1998 Jelena (ZAM)
1999 zovem Se Jelena (Best Of) (Vujin Trade)
1999 Gili, gili (Grand Production)
2001 Ludaca (Best Records)
2002 Samo Za tvoje Oci (BK Sound)
2005 Magija (City Records)
2008 JK Revolution (City Records)
2009 Diamond Collection, The Best of Album (City Records)
2012 Diva (City Records)
JK Singles
2001 Ludaca (Best Records)
2005 Slatka Mala (City Records)
2007 Casino (City Records)
2008 Tihi Ubica (City Records)
2008 Ko ti to Baje
2008 Mani Se
2009 Zamena za Ljubav
2010 Insomnia
2011 muskarac koji mrzi žene
2011 Nova Religija
2012 Crime Rad feat. Teca
2012 Sun feat. Dj Nesh
2013 Ferrari feat. Teca & Dj Nesh

A new album of Jelena Karleusa in 2016 currently remains her secret.